I must say, I found my family dentist! Dr. Uma is amazing at her work. Her patience, decorum, quality of instruments, clinic - everything is just superb. Finding the right physician/ doctor for my family has always been very challenging in India, however, I’m relaxed now. She is ethical and generous. I’m confident of any treatment she recommends now, reason being - she has taken out the fear of wrong or unnecessary treatment in me. Thank you!!!
Deepa Belur, USA

Just felt very comfortable, it’s the expectation I have when I see a doctor. Thank you very much. Would recommend my family and friends.
Yogesh.B Bengaluru.

Dr. Uma is a very knowledgeable and smart dentist. Took time to explain every detail. She is very thorough in her work and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a dentist.
Sulo Krishnamurthy, Canada.

Dr. Uma is a dedicated and dutybound person. She is very caring and ensures that her patient is very comfortable during treatment. It was a wonderful experience… Thank you!
Jayasree Prasad, Bengaluru

My whole experience was awesome! Dr. Uma explained what was needed and was very patient with my queries. Very prompt and timely in completing my procedures. Thank you very much!
TanujaBasavaraj, USA

Wonderful experience! At last, we met a knowledgeable, reliable, sincere and honest dentist in Dr. Uma. I can strongly recommend her clinic to others.
Lakshmanan, Bangalore.

Dr. Uma Ramachandran was very friendly with gentle hands, rare for adentist and an even softer heart. I thank God to have met her and more importantly, the best doctor for any child who is always averse to doctors.
Dr. V. Yamuna Devi, Chennai.

Dr. Uma and her oral surgery team are outstanding. We recommend her to all our friends, especially those with children!
Sandeep Koppikar, Mumbai.

Such a wonderful experience! I had brought my mom. My mother is absolutely happy with Dr. Uma’s loving care and treatment. The best dentist I have ever met.
Samuda Kanakapura, Bangalore.

Dr. Uma Ramachandran is undoubtedly an outstanding dentist with a very soft handling of patients during the process of the work, very kind in her gesture and meticulous in her diagnosis and treatment. I am really very proud of her for having won many coveted awards of international fame in such a short span of timer after a high academic life! She is a real asset in this family of the Medical field. I pray Almighty to keep her and her family ever happy and peaceful.
Mr. V.S. Subramanyam, Bangalore.

A wonderful doctor / dentist with a lovely smile and a gentle touch. Feeling quite relaxed after my appointment. Best wishes to her and her family!
Uma Prakash, Saudi Arabia.

Many thanks to Dr. Uma. What I like about Dr. Uma is 3P – professionalism with patience and perfection!
Anil Sabannavar, Singapore.

Amazing person and a wonderful doctor! Reliable, gives full information. Lots of love and care in her service. No compromise in her quality of work.
Mamatha Prakash, Bangalore.

What a nice feeling having come across Dr. Uma who is a wonderful, caring dentist with true advise and treatments. Many thanks!
Dr. Jagdish Chandra, Bangalore

It was a pleasure meeting Dr.Uma. Very helpful with advice and keeps you comfortable, which is the best. Thank you, Doctor.
Meghana K.P United Kingdom.

Had a very wonderful experience with a caring doctor who explains the procedure & need for the same to assure me of the best solutions available
Nikhil Pai, Bangalore.

I must say that the approach of Dr. Uma is a very friendly one which is essential for building a good rapport between a doctor and patient
Ritu Khanna, Bangalore.

Dr. Uma has made my dental experience absolutely a cake walk. The past fears that I have had were just dissipated with my visits to Dr. Uma. I guess I now have an absolutely positive approach to visiting a dentist again and I believe it will always be Dr. Uma’s clinic. Thank You!
VashitaMehra, Bangalore.

Dr. Uma has made my Partial Denture very excellently. I am feeling no problem at all in chewing very hard eatables. It is working very nicely…So, Thanks to Dr. Uma.
Mr. Honappa, Bangalore

Never expected my tooth would look so good – which enhanced the smile. Thanks,
Bhavya, Bangalore

So glad to have found you. Absolutely wonderful experience and pleasure to come here to get my tooth fixed. All the best.
Sindhu, Bangalore

Never expected to get this job done in the first place. This was unexpected for me. But, having done the teeth reconturing and smile make-over, I feel really good about it. Fantastic job by Dr. Uma. My compliments and Thanks,
Ganapathy BM, Bangalore

My twins loved the visit so much. I won’t be surprised if they remind me to bring them back every so often!
SrilathaKrishnamachari, Bangalore

Thoroughly a professional work by Dr. Uma. The patient is taken care of in a careful manner. 100% customer satisfaction. I enjoyed my visits to this clinic.
Pichumani, Bangalore

Felt like I have come at the right place for all our family dental issues. Feels safe & taken care.
B. L. Sridhar, Bangalore

Nice set up and friendly feel. Great service.
Srinivas Rao, Bangalore

Outstanding clinic and doctor.One stop clinic for all dental needs. Thanks, Doctor.
Rajesh Neelakantan, Bangalore

Very glad to have found you! Very professional, and experienced quality service. I would recommend Dr. Uma to all my friends. Thanks, Doctor.
Mayur Shiki, USA

My experience was outstanding! I am too glad I had such a wonderful, painless experience. Great Doctor!! Makes you feel so comfortable! Thanks Dr. UMA!
AartiBihani, Bangalore

I loved the friendly nature you offered. First experience of anesthesia was really good. Thanks, so much. Love, Sneha.
SnehaKedia, Bangalore

Dr. UMA is a perfectionist. Am glad I was treated by her. A magician in her work.
R. S. Koppikar, Bangalore

Had wonderful experience. Thank you, doctor Uma.
Sheela Hoskere, Bangalore

Wonderful dental health care specialist find for our family. Enjoyed the interaction and looking forward to better dental health & hygiene.
Arun Kumar, Bangalore

Dr. Uma is a wonderful doctor who has a lot of patience and knows her job to the core. Very happy with her approach.
Sandhya Rani Nagaraja, USA

A wonderful dentist with a high standard for quality who cares about her patients
Leah Rutz, USA

The way I felt after the consultation was as if I had got my dream come true! I was really happy for the way the doctor treated me. Thank you!
Rajeev, Singapore.

We were too worried about my daughter’s broken front tooth which happened during her childhood. However, after the consultation and treatment all my worries have vanished and a true smile and happiness have been brought back to me, my daughter and my family. The broken tooth was replaced with good suggestions suitable to my daughter, wife and we were very happy.
T. S. Ramanath ,Donimalai, Bellary Dist.

Thank you for fixing my gaps in my teeth and the cleaning. Teeth feel much better now. I must commend you on your pleasant demeanour, hygiene and making the patient comfortable!
Shrikant Deshpande, USA.

This was the first time I visited a dentist, so I was a little scared and sceptical about the root canal surgery that was needed. But I had a very pleasant painless experience. She keeps the patient well informed at each step of the treatment. Very friendly and careful. Much recommended.
Rajat Agrawal, Bangalore.

She is the best family dentist we have ever had! No unnecessary and unwanted advice and procedures suggested. She is very good with my son(6 years old) and hence my very rigid son is all for dental appointments as the whole experience is made more pleasant. Highly recommended for all family dental needs, I would blindly trust her advice!

Wonderful happy visit! Very professional and very friendly impressive personality. Thank you.
Nasim. A. Mehta, California, U.S.A

We were highly impressed by the emotional touch and personalised counselling along with the professional and competent service. Our very sincere and hearty thanks.
MeghaSrihari, Bangalore.

Had a great experience as compared to my previous experience with other dentists. Thank you.
Ravi Kiran, Bangalore.

Had a wonderful experience getting my root canal! Dr Uma is fantastic and I am glad to have found a permanent solution to all my dental needs.
Shweta Deshpande, USA.

"As a NRI recently relocated to India, I was a little concerned about finding a suitable dentist….I’m so very glad that I visited Dr. Uma’s Family Smiles today. She is caring, patient, gentle and very thorough with her work. I can say that I’ve found my “family dentist”. Thank you!"
Mohan. S, Bangalore.

The best doctor ever! Dr. Uma, thanks a lot for all your effort and patience. I hope you have all the best of life. Thank you!
Shanthala. S. Pai , Singapore.

Dr. Uma is an exceptionally ethical dentist. She is very caring and is excellent in her work and what she does. I have seen so many dentists, both in Bangalore and abroad and none have been so satisfying as Dr. Uma’s work. Bangalore is truly lucky to have a doctor who puts patients’ needs before their greeds.
Sudhir and family, Bangalore.

Great feeling after treatment, Thank you!
Takashi Niwa, Bangalore.

I am very thankful to Dr. Uma for giving my son good treatment. My son was very scared at first and refused the procedure, but Dr. Uma was very patient with him and succeeded to convince him! Since she is very caring, my son is now looking forward to a next appointment. Thank you!
Miharu Oishi, Bangalore.

I am 73 years old and a retired govt. officer. I had occasions to consult Dr. Uma for problems caused by crowding of teeth, like gaps, erosion of edges, laceration of palate etc. It was a challenging task even to clean the teeth. Dr. Uma explained to me my condition in simple terms minus the jargon and treated it with minimal invasion and discomfort to me. I am very comfortable with my teeth now. For a dentist trained in USA, and who had practises there for quite some time I found her to be very warm, down to earth and surprisingly very affordable!
Venkatraman, Chennai.

I, my husband and kids(aged 7 & 5) go to Dr.Uma at Family Smiles Dental for our regular dental checkups. I used to hate going to the Dentist up until I started going to Dr.Uma at FamilySmiles Dental. Dr Uma changed my whole perspective about dental care with her patience and thoroughness. Dr.Uma Ramachandran is a very warm person who made the kids very comfortable to the point that my kids want to go there very often!!! I think that is something to say about a Dentist. One admirable thing is that I found her not just Professional but extremely passionate about her work. With passion comes perfection.While caring for the kids, calling blood 'The Red Juice' was a nice touch !
Janaki Balakrishnan, Bangalore.

Having lost a tooth in a motorcycle accident, made me have nightmares of a disfigured face… until I met Dr. Uma. She is very friendly and supporting and now after a painless procedure, got me back on track. My new bridge is as good as my last natural tooth and my smile is not distorted anymore. Wholeheartedly, thanks for the good work!
Ravi Kiran, Bangalore.